Blade And Bow 22-Year-Old Bourbon Hits Shelves

The limited-edition whiskey is aged via solera system.

(Photo by Cameron Wilder Photo)

Diageo has unveiled this year’s edition of Blade and Bow 22-year-old, its annually released limited edition Bourbon. The 46% abv whiskey ($780 a 750-ml.) is sourced from unnamed distilleries, and it’s aged via solera system, theoretically blending with ultra-aged whiskey from the original Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Blade and Bow 22-year-old is extremely allocated and will only be available in limited quantities in California, Texas, Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, Illi-nois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Washington, D.C.. In addition to limited retail distribution, the whiskey can be found at Stitzel Weller distillery. For more information, visit