Mija Bubbly Rosé Sangria Debuts

Available nationwide, the wine-based RTD joins Mija White and Mija Red.

Mija Sangria is launching Mija Bubbly Rosé sangria. The new addition ($9 a 750-ml.) joins Mija Red and Mija White ($9 a 750-ml.; $15 a 1.5-liter) in the brand’s portfolio of wine-based RTDs. Made with fruit and without artificial additives, Mija Bubbly Rosé contains blood orange, açai, pomegranate, lemon, and premium rosé wine, and has 9.5% abv like Mija Red and White. Mija is available at retail locations in nearly 40 states, and is also available online with direct shipping nationwide. For more information, visit Mijasangria.com.