Savage & Cooke Releases Bourbon, Rye, And American Whiskey

All three new offerings feature liquid finished in wine barrels.

Mare Island, California’s Savage & Cooke Distillery has released three new whiskies. The trio from the Dave Phinney-helmed distillery includes two whiskies distilled and matured on Mare Island by Jordan Via alongside a third sourced whiskey matured on the island. Savage & Cooke’s rye ($49 a 750-ml.) is a 50% abv whiskey made from grains grown within 50 miles of the distillery and aged for at least three years, with a portion receiving an additional two months maturation in Grenache barrels. The company’s Bourbon (also 50% abv, and $49) is made from local grains before aging for at least three years. Part of the final blend was finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. The final whiskey ($49)—the sourced release—is an American whiskey bottled at 56.5% abv and matured in used Bourbon barrels for at least four years before finishing in Zinfandel barrels. All three are distributed nationally. For more information, visit